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Henry Remsen to Colonel Woodhull



New York, February 29, 1776.

SIR: A parcel of powder (about three tons) is arrived here, but without any directions where it is to be forwarded; about the same quantity may be expected here tomorrow. I am desirous that this powder should be transported without delay, and, therefore, have sent a person express, to have your directions by return of Mr˙ Saffron, the bearer of this.

The Committee for the County of Essex are now met. They would cheerfully have forwarded this powder, had any direction been sent to them. One gentleman of the Committee spoke to Mr˙ Lewis, (one of the Delegates for New York,) who informed him that the powder was to go to Cambridge. Should our Provincial Congress be unacquainted with the destination of this powder, it will be expedient to consult Mr˙ Francis Lewis on the subject. Should it be ordered to New York, a sufficient guard will he necessary to attend to the transportation of it from Paulus Hook to New York. You will please to give directions as soon as possible.

I am, respectfully, your most obedient servant,

To Colonel Woodhull.