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Town-Meeting, Newark, New-Jersey



Newark, New-Jersey, May 4, 1775.

At a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Township of Newark, in New-Jersey, on Thursday, the 4th day of May, A˙ D˙ 1775:

Doctor WILLIAM BURNETT in the Chair.

An Association having been entered into and subscribed by the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of said Town, a motion was made and agreed to, that the same be read. The same was accordingly read, and is as follows:

"We, the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Township of Newark, having deliberately considered the openly avowed design of the Ministry of Great Britain to raise a revenue in America; being affected with horrour at the bloody scene now acting in the Massachusetts-Bay for carrying that arbitrary design into execution; firmly convinced that the very existence of the rights and liberties of America can, under God, subsist on no other basis than the most animated and perfect union of its inhabitants; and being sensible of the necessity, in the present exigency, of preserving good order, and a due regulation in all publick measures, with hearts perfectly abhorrent of slavery, do solemnly, under all the sacred ties of religion, honour, and love to our Country, associate and resolve, that we will, personally, and as far as our influence can extend, endeavour to support and carry into execution whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or agreed upon by the proposed Convention of Deputies of this Province, for the purposes of preserving and fixing our Constitution on a permanent basis, and opposing the execution of the several despotick and oppressive Acts of the British Parliament, until the wished-for reconciliation between Great Britain and America, on constitutional principles, can be obtained.

"That a General Committee be chosen by this Town for the purposes aforesaid, and that we will be directed by, and support them in all things respecting the "common cause, the preservation of peace, good order, the safety of individuals, and private property."

Voted, That Isaac Ogden, Esquire, Captain Philip Van Cortlandt, Bethuel Pierson, and Caleb Camp, be the Deputies to represent said Township in the Provincial Congress referred, to in the said Association.

The General Committee also mentioned in the said Association, was then chosen, consisting of forty-four.

Agreed, That the powers delegated to the Deputies and General Committee, continue until the expiration of five weeks after the rising of the next Continental Congress, and no longer.

Agreed, That the General Committee have power to appoint one or more Sub-Committees, to act on any emergency.


The General Committee immediately convened, and elected Lewis Ogden, Esquire, Chairman, Doctor William Burnett. Deputy Chairman, and Elisha Boudinot, Esq˙, Clerk of the said General Committee.

Agreed, That the above-named Lewis Ogden, Esquire,


Doctor William Burnett, Elisha Boudinot, Esquire, Isaac Ogden, Esquire, and Mr˙ Isaac Longworth, be a Committee of Correspondence for said Town.

ELISHA BOUNDINOT, Clerk to Committee.