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Resolutions Adopted at a Court of Common Council


London, February 21, 1775.

At a Court of Common Council, held at Guildhall, the following Resolutions were come to:

Resolved, That the measures of Administration respecting our fellow-subjects in America, adopted by the late Parliament, appear to this Court in the highest degree dangerous and alarming, and demand our most serious attention.

Resolved, That as the opinion of this Court hath already been very fully and particularly declared against an Act of the late Parliament, entituled "An Act for the making more effectual provision for the government of the Province of Quebec, in North America," we think it equally our duty to bear testimony also against four other Acts of the said Parliament which we esteem highly injurious to our fellow-subjects in America, viz: "An Act for the better regulating the government of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay," also "An Act for the impartial administration of Justice, in the cases of persons questioned for any acts done by them in the execution of the Law, or for the suppression of Riots and Tumults in the Province of Massachusetts Bay;" and also "An Act to discontinue the landing and discharging, &c˙, of Goods, Wares, and Merchandises, at the Town and in the Harbour of Boston," and also an Act entituled "An Act for providing suitable Quarters for Officers and Soldiers in his Majesty' s service in North America;" they appearing to this Court to be not only contrary to many of the fundamental principles of the English Constitution, and most essential rights of the subject, but also apparently inconsistent with natural justice and equity; and we are therefore


of opinion that our fellow-subjects, the Americans, are justified in every constitutional opposition to the said Acts.