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Letter from Governour Franklin, Burlington, tothe Earl of Dartraouth



Burlington, June 18, 1774.

MY LORD: I have just received a copy of some resolves entered into at a meeting of a number of freeholders and inhabitants of the county of Essex, in this Province, on Saturday last, which I think it my duty to transmit to your Lordship. The meeting was occasioned it seems by an advertisement, requesting the attendance of the inhabitants on that day, and published in one of the New-York papers, and signed by two gentlemen of the law who reside in that county. I have likewise had an application made to me by some of the members of the House of Representatives, to call a meeting of the General Assembly in August next, with which I have not, nor shall not comply, as there is no public business of the Province which can make such a meeting necessary. It seems now determined by several of the leading men, in most, if not all the counties in this Province, to endeavour to follow the example of the freeholders in Essex. Meetings of this nature, there are no means of preventing, where the chief part of the inhabitants incline to attend them. I as yet doubt,


however, whether they will agree to the general non-importation from Great Britain, which has been recommended. — Their principal aim seems to be to bring about a Congress of Deputies from all the Colonies, as proposed by Virginia; and that that Congress should not only apply to his Majesty for the repeal of the Boston Port Act, but endeavour to fall upon measures for accommodating the present differences between the two countries, and preventing the like in future.