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Ordered, That Colonel Lovell be directed to bring in a Resolve appointing some persons to take care of the Boats at Weymouth.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Rice and Mr˙ Jewet be on the Committee to sign the Colony Notes, in the room of Deacon Rawson and Mr˙ Phillips.

The Resolve on the Petition from Narraguagus and three other Eastern Towns , brought down by Charles Chauncy, Esq˙, as taken into a new draught. Read and accepted.

Resolved, That one Company, of fifty men, including Officers, be raised and stationed in the Towns of Gouldsborough, Narraguagus, Number-Four, and Pleasant-River, and to be on the same establishment as those already raised in the County of Lincoln, to the eastward of St˙ George' s, and that they be supplied with one hundred pounds of Powder, five hundred Flints, and Ball equivalent; and that the Powder, Ball and Flints be transported to Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland, at the expense of this Colony; and that the abovementioned articles be delivered to Captain Alexander Campbell, for the use of the said Company when raised, Captain Campbell, together with the other Petitioners, to be accountable to this Court for the same.

Sent up for concurrence.

The Petition of Samuel Scot, and other Inhabitants of Machias, read, and

Ordered, That Colonel Otis be directed to bring in a


Resolve to notify the adverse party of the prayer of said Petition.

The Petition of Joseph Palmer, read, and referred over to the next session.

Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, brought down the Report of the Committee respecting the Oaths proper and necessary to be taken by the several Officers of this Colony.

Read and concurred, and Ordered, That Major Hawley, Mr˙ Cushing, and Colonel Dwight, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to bring in a Bill accordingly.

A Memorial of Enoch Freeman, Esq˙, setting forth that the Selectmen of Falmouth had supplied the Soldiers stationed there with a quantity of Powder, Ball and Flints, and praying that the same may be replaced or paid for: also praying for three or four barrels of Powder, by way of loan or otherwise, for the defence of said Town, was read, and committed to Major Cross, Deacon Nicholls, and Colonel Cutt.

Moses Gill, Esq˙, brought down a Bill for ratifying the Resolves of the several Provincial Congresses. Read a first and second time, and ordered to lie till Monday morning.

The Advertisement, directing all persons possessed of any duplicates or Receipts given by Henry Gardner, Esq˙, for any publick Moneys paid him, which was read the tenth instant, was again read, and accepted.

Sent up for concurrence.

A Petition of Thomas Goldthwait and others, late of the Garrison at Fort Pownall, praying for pay for their services, was read, and committed to Colonel Lovell, Colonel Perry, and Deacon Rawson.

The Committee appointed to consider the Resolves of the Continental Congress relative to manufacturing Saltpetre, was read, and recommitted to Major Hawley, Dr˙ Whiting, Captain Partridge, Mr˙ Cushing, and Captain Goodman.

Joseph Reed, Esq' s˙ Letter, brought down yesterday, relative to William Minns, was read, and thereupon,

Ordered, That Colonel Freeman and Colonel Otis, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to examine the said William Minns, and report what is proper to be done with him.

Resolved, That the Committee of Supplies be, and they are hereby directed to deliver to Joseph Batchelder, Jun˙, two half-barrels of Powder, for the use of the Town of Beverly, it being to replace the two half-barrels lent the Colony the 18th June last.

In Council, August 19, 1775: Read and concurred.

Benjamin White, Esq˙, brought down the Advertisement for calling in the Receipts given by Henry Gardner, Esq.

Passed in Council, with amendment, viz:

"In Council, August 19, 1775: Read and concurred, with the amendment, viz: dele the words "without any fee or reward therefor."

Sent down for concurrence.

Read and non-concurred, and the House adhere to their own vote.