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Warrant for the execution of Thomas Hickey, at Head-Quarters, New-York, June 28, 1776


By His Excellency GEORGE WASHINGTON, Esq˙, General and Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United Colonies:

To the Provost-Marshal of the said Army:

Whereas Thomas Hickey, a soldier inlisted in the service of the said United Colonies, has been duly convicted by a General Court-Martial of mutiny and sedition, and also of holding a treacherous correspondence with the enemies of said Colonies, contrary to the Rules and Regulations established for the government of the said troops; and the said Thomas Hickey, being so convicted, has been sentenced to death, by being hanged by the neck till he shall be dead; which sentence, by the unanimous advice of the General


Officers of the said Army, I have thought proper to confirm: These are, therefore, to will and require you to execute the said sentence upon the said Thomas Hickey this day, at eleven o' clock in the forenoon, upon the ground between the encampments of the Brigades of Brigadier-General Spencer and Lord Stirling; and for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant. Given under my hand this twenty-eighth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six.


Head-Quarters, New-York, June 28, 1776.