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Post-Roads established, Post-Masters appointed,


Resolved, That the Order of the Day, on the subject of Post-Riders, be now taken up; when Captain Jonathan Brown, Jonas Dix, Esq˙, and Deacon Cheever, were chosen a Committee to count and sort the votes for a Committee to establish Post-Riders; which Committee was chosen, and the blanks in the Resolve, respecting Post-Offices, being filled up with said Committee' s names, the Resolve was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Resolved, As the opinion of this Congress, that Post-Riders be immediately established, to go from Cambridge, and to ride the following roads, viz: To Georgetown, in the County of Lincoln; to Haverhill; to Providence; to Woodstock, by Worcester; and from Worcester to Great Barrington, by Springfield; and to Falmouth, in the County of Barnstable. And that Post-Offices be kept as followeth, viz: one at Cambridge; one at Salem; one at Ipswich; one at Haverhill; one at Newburyport; one at Kennebunk, or Welles; one at Sandwich; one at Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland; one at Georgetown, County of Lincoln; one at Worcester: one at Spring field;


one at Great Barrington; one at Plymouth; and one at Falmouth, in the County of Barnstable.

And it is further resolved, That Mr˙ James Winthrop be appointed Postmaster for the Town of Cambridge; Mr˙ Edward Morris, for Salem; Mr˙ James Foster, for Ipswich; Mr˙ Simeon Greenough, for Haverhill; Mr˙ Bulkley Emerson, for Newburyport; Captain Nathaniel Kimball, for Kennebunk; Mr˙ Samuel Freeman, for Falmouth, in Cumberland; Mr˙ John Wood, for Georgetown; Mr˙ Isaiah Thomas, for Worcester; Mr˙ Moses Church, for Springfield; Doctor William Whiting, for Great Barrington; Mr˙ Joseph Nye, third, for Sandwich; William Watson, Esquire, for Plymouth; and Mr˙ Moses Swift, for Falmouth, in Barnstable.

And that Captain Jonathan Brown, Jonas Dix, Esq˙, and David Cheever, Esquire, be a Committee to give directions for the setting off and returning of the Posts in their several routes, and to appoint the number of Riders, and to agree with them. And to agree also with the Post masters for their services. And that the Rates of and Duties for Postage of Letters, &c˙, follows, viz:

For any distance not exceeding 60 miles, 0s.d.
Upwards of 60 miles, and not exceeding 100 miles 0 8
Upwards 100 miles, and not exceeding 200 miles 0 10½
Upwards 200 miles and not exceeding 300 miles 1 1
Upwards 300 miles and not exceeding 400 1 4
Upwards 400 miles and not exceeding 500 1 6¼
Upwards 500 miles and not exceeding 600 1 9
Upwards 600 miles and not exceeding 700 2 0
Upwards 700 miles and not exceeding 800 2 2½
Upwards 800 miles and not exceeding 900 2 5
Upwards 900 miles and not exceeding 1000 2 8

The above rates to be paid in lawful money of this Colony.