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Address of the Gentry, Clergy, Etc. of the Borough of Sudbury



Address of the Gentry, Clergy, Principal Inhabitants, Manufacturers, and Freemen, of the Borough of Sudbury, in the County of Suffolk, presented to His Majesty by Sir Walden Hammer, Bart˙, one of their Representatives in


Parliament, introduced by the Lord of His Majesty' s Bedchamber in waiting; which Address His Majesty was pleased to receive very graciously.

To the King' s Most Excellent Majesty.

The humble Address of the Gentry, Clergy, Principal Inhabitants, Manufacturers, and Freemen, of the Borough of Sudbury, in the County of Suffolk.

Most Gracious Sovereign:

We, your Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, beg leave to express our detestation and abhorrence of the most unnatural rebellion now subsisting in your Majesty' s Colonies in America, encouraged, we fear, by disaffected persons as well on this, as the other side of the Atlantick, who at the same time boast of the liberty and laws of the most excellent Constitution in the world; yet, misled by faction and supposed injured rights, forget their natural duty and allegiance, and disown their subjection to the Legislative authority of this Kingdom, in defiance of all order and government. These unprecedented measures, subversive of every civil establishment, must excite the indignation of every friend to his country, and, we are sorry to say it, call aloud for the decisive exertions of your Majesty' s arms. In times so critical, we think it our indispensable duty to profess our hearty zeal and attachment to your Majesty' s person, family, and Government. Confiding in the wisdom of your Majesty' s Council and the spirit of Parliament, we presume to hope that a period will soon be put to these calamities. Amongst many of your faithful subjects, we, deeply sensible of the many inestimable blessings we enjoy under your Majesty' s mild and happy reign, most heartily and cheerfully offer our best services, assuring you, sir, that in this, and every part of this Kingdom, where we have any connection, we shall, at the peril of our lives and fortunes, maintain, support, and defend, to the utmost of our power, your Majesty' s Crown and Government, against all the secret or avowed disturbers of the publick peace. And we further hope and trust that your fleets and armies, with the assistance of Divine Providence, will soon chastise and bring back to their duty and obedience those deluded persons who may have dared to violate the peace and good order of your Majesty' s dominions in America.