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Address of the Town of Dumfries


Renfrew, October 28, 1775.


Address of the Magistrates, Common Council, Burgesses, and Inhabitants of the Town of Dumfries, presented to His Majesty by William Douglas, Esq˙, their Representative in Parliament.

To the King' s Most Excellent Majesty.

Most Gracious Sovereign:

We, your Majesty' s most loyal and dutiful subjects, the Magistrates, Common Council, Burgesses, and Inhabitants of the Town of Dumfries, deeply impressed with a sense of the ingratitude of a number of the inhabitants of your Majesty' s Dominions in America, both towards your Majesty and the Mother Country, humbly beg leave to assure your Majesty of our firm attachment to your Majesty, and utter abhorrence and detestation of those treasonable seditions that have of late been raised in that part of your Majesty' s Dominions.

Persuaded, as we are, that those commercial purposes, to which your Majesty' s Colonies in America owe their original, can never be answered but by maintaining a proper


dependance of those Colonies on the Mother Country, and vigorously asserting the authority of the Legislature when resisted or contemned by the Colonists, nothing that is in our power to contribute shall be wanting, to aid and assist your Majesty in following out such measures as may be most effectual for asserting the honour and dignity of your crown, and the supremacy of the British Legislature, over every part of the British Empire.

Attached, as we have ever been, to the principles of the glorious revolution, and the succession of your Majesty' s illustrious House, we cannot, without the utmost concern, perceive any of your Majesty' s subjects acting upon principles subversive of that Constitution which has, since the succession of your Majesty' s family, secured to us the most inestimable of all blessings — liberty and pure religion. And as it becomes every British subject to set life and fortune at nought, when these, or the Constitution by which they are secured, are attacked, should it be necessary for us to hazard both on the present occasion, we trust that we shall not be found backward to sacrifice them, to maintain the Constitution in the same state it has been handed down to us by our ancestors.

That your Majesty may be long preserved to reign over a free and united people, and that the British Empire may be transmitted undivided to your Majesty' s royal issue, to latest posterity, is the sincere and ardent wish of, may it please your Majesty, your Majesty' s most loyal and dutiful subjects.

Dumfries, October 28, 1775.