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Petition of the Committee for the Town of Falmouth


To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives for the Province of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, now sitting at WATERTOWN:

The Committees of Inspection and Correspondence for the Town of Falmouth humbly sheweth: That on information that the Brig Sally, from the West-Indies, laden with Sugar and Molasses, commanded by Captain Edward Grisby, and owned by Mr˙ Joseph Sherburne, suspected to be for the British Army, now in Boston, we thought fit to send for the Captain, and find by him he has orders to proceed with said Brig and cargo to Swanzey, to Colonel Bowers' s wharf, for which reasons, we thought fit to stop said Brig and cargo, supposing it impossible for them to proceed to Swanzey with safety, and have ordered her to be detained at Falmouth until your Honours shall give orders how said Brig shall be proceeded with, &c. We, your petitioners, therefore pray your Honours to take the affair under your consideration and order, as you in your wisdom shall see fit. And your petitioners, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

Clerks for Committee of Correspondence.

FALMOUTH, August 11, 1775.