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Mr. Cary


Mr˙ Cary, from the Committee to whom the report of the Commissioners appointed to examine, state, and settle the claims against the publick in the Southern District, on account of the late expedition against the Indians, was referred, reported, that they had accordingly examined the same, and come to the following Resolution thereupon; which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the Clerk' s table, where the same was again twice read, and ordered to lie on the table:

Resolved, That the Accounts contained in the said Report are fairly and justly stated, and, together with the several allowances therein made, ought to be paid by the publick.

The President laid before the Convention a Letter from Colonels Howe and Woodford, which was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Joseph Jones, Mr˙ Fitzhugh, Mr˙ Thomas Walker, and Mr˙ John Walker, be added to the Committee to whom the Ordinance for amending an Ordinance, entitled An Ordinance for providing Arms and Ammunition for the use of this Colony, is committed.