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Captain Henry B. Livingston to New-York Congress



Rhinebeck, August 8, 1775.

SIR: I have enlisted upwards of seventy-two men, some of whom have since deserted, and others have refused to appear. I now lack twelve men of the number prescribed me. I have kept those I have upon duty constantly from the time of their enlistment, and have them tolerably well disciplined. We are much in want of clothes, arms, shoes, &c. We are unfit for a march until we have these necessaries; and some of my men who have families here, would be very unwilling to march until part of their pay is advanced to them. Several of them have been long upon duty, and their families want. I should be exceedingly obliged to you if you would make a proper representation of this matter to the Congress, and get our wants supplied. I am as yet ignorant of the name of my Colonel, or the Regiment to which I belong. This makes it difficult for me to know who to apply to for the aforementioned necessaries. One of the men is very unwell, and at present incapable of duty; another has contracted the venereal disorder since I have enlisted him. I should be exceeding glad to have directions how to proceed with these men, or any others who may hereafter be taken ill.

Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


To P˙ V˙ B˙ Livingston, New-York.

N˙ B˙ I have not yet seen my Second Lieutenant, Mr˙ Paddock, but expect him to day with twenty men, so that when he comes I shall have more than my complement.

A List of Men enlisted under H˙ B˙ LIVINGSTON.

First Lieutenant, Jacob Thomas; Second Lieutenant, Isaac Paddock; First Sergeant, Elijah Knapp; Second Sergeant, Lenders Haines; Third Sergeant, Nathaniel Ashford; First Corporal, Robert Kenyon; Second Corporal, Jeremy Bird; Third Corporal, John Rogers.

John Moody,
John Flin,
John Davis,
Abisha Bingham,
John Cary,
Michael W˙ Carter,
Ebenezer Burnett,
Philip Rossman,
Silas Flood,
M˙ McDannell, Drum,
John Coppinger,
Peter Becker,
James Fisher,
James Edie,
David Burns,
John Rogers, Jun˙,
Thomas Quin,
Richard Gosmer,
Ebenezer Adams,
John Love,
John Silley,
Ephraim Welch,
William Watson,
Christopher Blace,
Francis Traver,
Henry Rosman,
John Bradie,
James Sullivan,
Jephthah Gattendon,
William Kearney,
Jacob Levi,
Henry Lewis,
Richard Degor,
Peter Lodavick,
Peter Gosper,
James Casie,
Peter Van Duzon,
John Husman,
James Still,
Daniel Olden,
Jacob Scriver,
Dennis De Lancey,
John Teater,
Christian Scriver,
Elias Bayly,
Benjamin Wallace,
Henry Scriver,
George Reed,
John Thomas,
William Ashley,
Joseph Cail,
George Suffring,
Jacob Signer,
Henry Davis.