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Extract from the Instructions of the honourable Continental Congress to General Washington


"An extract from the Instructions of the honourable Continental Congress to General WASHINGTON.

"This Congress having apppinted you to be General and Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United Colonies, and of all the Forces raised or to be raised by them, and of all others who shall voluntarily offer themselves and join the said Army for the defence of American liberty, and for repelling every hostile invasion thereof, you are to repair with all expedition to the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, and take charge of the Army of the United Colonies.

"For your better directions — First. You are to make a Return to us, as soon as possible, of all the Forces which you shall have under your command, together with their Military Stores and Provisions, and also as exact an account as you can obtain of the Forces which compose the British Army in America.

"Secondly. You are not to disband any of the men you find raised until further directions from this Congress, and if you shall think their number not adequate to the purpose of security, you may recruit them to a number you shall think sufficient, not exceeding ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ .

"Thirdly. In all cases of vacancy, occasioned by death, or a removal of a Colonel, or other inferiour officer, you are, by brevet or warrant, under your seal, to appoint another person to fill up such vacancy, until it shall be otherwise ordered by the Provincial Convention or Assembly of the Colony from whence the Troops in which such vacancy happens shall direct otherwise.

"Fourthly. You are to victual at the Continental expense all such Volunteers as have joined, or shall join the United Army, &c."