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Committee to fix the pay of Teamsters


Saturday, August 5, 1775.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Story, Mr˙ White, and Captain Parker, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve to establish the rates by which Teamsters shall be paid for transporting the Poor of Boston and their effects, and to desire the honourable Board to give orders on the Treasury for the payment of such Teamsters.

Voted, That Major Hawley have leave to bring in a Bill settling the rights of Representation of the several Towns and Districts in this Colony.

Eldad Taylor, Esq˙, brought down from the honourable Board a Letter from Justin Ely, of West-Spring field, directed to said Taylor, relative to the Donations for the Poor of Boston and Charlestown, which was read, and committed to Dr˙ Whiting, Major Ely, and Mr˙ Crane.

Jedediah Foster, Esq˙, came down and informed the House that the honourable Board had directed their Members of the Committee appointed to consider what was necessary to be done relative to a Colony Seal, to sit forthwith, and that it was the desire of the Board that this House would direct their Members of said Committee to sit with those of the Board; whereupon,

Ordered, That Major Bliss and Dr˙ Whiting be of the said Committee, in the room of Dr˙ Church and Mr˙ Cushing, who are absent.