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New-York Committee



Tuesday, November 21, 1775.

The Committee met. Present: John Broome, Chairman pro tem.

P˙P˙ Van Zandt,
William Denning,
D˙ Wickham,
P˙T˙ Curtenius,
G˙ Abeel,
T˙ Ivers,
Nicholas Roosevelt,
J˙ Van Voorhies,
J˙ Lasher,
H˙ Roome,
L˙ Pintard,
J˙ Ramsey,
A˙P˙ Lott,
J˙ Ray,
J˙ Brower,
G˙ Duyckinck,
C˙P˙ Low,
G˙ Janeway,
J˙ Stoutenbergh,
A˙ Abrahams,
L˙ Burling,
F˙ Bassett,
A˙ Breasted,
Colonel Hyer,
D˙ Dunscomb,
P˙ Byvanck,
S˙ Johnson,
C˙ Sands,
J˙ Totten,
P˙ Dennis,
Eleazer Miller,
Abr' m De Peyster,
John Pell,
Robert Benson.

Draught of a Letter to Governour Trumbull , and another to Mr˙ Babcock , in answer to their Letters received and read on Tuesday evening last, were laid before this Committee, read, and approved of, and are as follow, viz: