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Advice to the Inhabitants of New-York


The matter under consideration being resumed, the Congress

Resolved, That it be recommended, for the present, to the inhabitants of New-York, that if the Troops, which are expected, should arrive, the said Colony act on the defensive, so long as may be consistent with their safety and security; that the Troops be permitted to remain in the Barracks so long as they behave peaceably and quietly, but that they be not suffered to erect fortifications, or take any steps for cutting off the communication between the town and country, and that if they commit hostilities, or invade private property, the inhabitants should defend themselves and their property, and repel force by force; that the war-like stores be removed from the town; that places of retreat, in case of necessity, be provided for the women, and children of New-York; and that sufficient number of men be embodied, and kept in constant readiness, for protecting the inhabitants from insult and injury.