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Proclamation of Governour Martin


North Carolina, ss.

By his Excellency JOSIAH MARTIN, Esquire, Captain-General, Governour, and Commander-in-chief in and over the said Province:


Whereas it appears to me that Meetings and Assemblies of the Inhabitants of this Province have been, in some of the counties and towns thereof, already held, and are in others appointed to be held, without any legal authority, and that Resolves have been entered into, and plans concerted, (in such meetings as are passed) derogatory to his Majesty and the Parliament of Great Britain, and that there is reason to apprehend the same inflammatory, disloyal, and indecent measures may be adopted in such future assemblies, inconsistent with the peace and good order of this Government, and tending to excite clamour and discontent among his Majesty' s subjects in this Province. I have thought fit, with the advice and consent, of his Majesty' s Council, to issue this Proclamation, to discourage, as much as possible, proceedings so illegal and unwarrantable in their nature, and in their effect so obviously injurious to the welfare of this country. And to this end I do hereby strictly require and enjoin, on their allegiance, all and every his Majesty' s subjects to forbear to attend at any such illegal Meetings, and that they do discourage and prevent the same by all and every means in their power, and more particularly that they do forbear to attend, and prevent, as far as in them lies, the meeting of certain Deputies said to be appointed to be held at Newbern on the 25th instant. And I do more especially charge, require, and command all and every his Majesty' s Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, and other Officers, to be aiding and assisting herein to the utmost of their power.

Given under my hand and the great seal of the said Province, at Newbern, the 13th day of August, 1774, and in the fourteenth year of his Majesty' s reign.


GOD save the King.