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Orders, Nov. 19


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, November 19, 1775.

(Parole, Coventry.) (Countersign, Danby.)

The Brigadier-Generals to make returns of the number of teams necessary to furnish their respective divisions with wood, and the teams appointed for each division to be continually employed in the service of that division, and not to be shifted from one division to another, as great confusion arises thereby; some Regiments having a double stock of wood, while others are suffering for want. The Quartermaster-General to provide the teams returned necessary for the above service, and direct the Wagonmaster-General to continue them in that employ.

All persons are strictly prohibited purchasing any clothes from the non-commissioned officers and soldiers. Any person violating this order to be sent prisoner to the main guard, by the Colonel or officer commanding the Regiment the clothes belong to; the clothes to be forthwith delivered up, and the loss sustained to fall upon the purchaser.