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Address from the Council and General Assembly of Antigua to the King


Whitehall, August 3, 1775.

The following Address to the King from the Council and General Assembly of Antigua, having been delivered to the Earl of Dartmouth, one of His Majesty' s Principal Secretaries of Stale, by Mr˙ Salmond, agent for that Island, hath been presented to His Majesty, and was very graciously received.

To the King' s most Excellent Majesty.

MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN: We, your Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Council and General Assembly of this your Island of Antigua, impressed with the most unalterable sentiments of loyally, humbly beg leave, at this time, to convey our assurances of them to your Majesty, joined with our most unfeigned and grateful thanks for the many instances of your paternal care extended to us, although remotely placed from your throne and royal presence.

Your Majesty' s wisdom and attention to the interest and welfare of all your people, we must in common with our fellow-subjects participate in the due acknowledgments of; but it is with hearts full of peculiar duty and gratitude we acknowledge that regard and attention to us, which is so strongly expressed by your Majesty in the choice of that Governour whom you have been pleased to appoint over us; whose unwearied zeal to your Majesty' s service, and regard to the just rights and liberties of your people, are so sensibly felt by us, as to mark in him the happy consequences of that choice.

When we reflect on the able and mild exercise of power in our excellent Chief Governour, your Majesty' s servant Sir Ralph Payne, Knight of the Bath, and at the same time see how other Governments have been rent by faction, while we have lived in a continued state of union and tranquillity, we cannot restrain our expressions of attachment to him as the true Representative of the Royal Master.

Thus endeared to us by his conduct, from a faithful discharge of that high trust with which you have honoured him, permit us, Sire, on the departure of our Governour for Europe, to supplicate your most gracious favour for the reception of him into your presence, with such marks of your royal countenance and approbation as must be a reward of his faithful services, and an acceptance of out testimonial of gratitude. And permit us further in our


supplication to add, that your Majesty would condescend to indulge the woes of your faithful subjects of Antigua, by rendering them again happy in his return to the exercise of the Government of these your Leeward Islands.