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Proposals of Elisha Tyson for erecting a Powder-Mill at the Little Falls of Gunpowder River, Baltimore County, Maryland


Proposals of ELISHA TYSON, with respect to erecting a Mill for manufacturing Gunpowder at LITTLE FALLS of GUN-POWDER RIVER, in BALTIMORE County, in the Province of MARYLAND, about eighteen miles from BALTIMORE TOWN, and three from JOPPA, in HARFORD County.

The said Elisha Tyson having already made a dam over the said stream, and dug a race for the purpose of building a Water Grist Mill, proposes, instead thereof, to erect a Powder Mill, and retain the property in the premises, on the sum of one thousand pounds, Convention money, being advanced to him, without interest, for the space of four years, to be repaid in the following manner: One-fourth part thereof in gunpowder at the price given by the Continental Congress at the expiration of one year from this date; one-fourth part thereof in the same commodity at the expiration of two years from the date thereof; one other fourth part thereof in the same commodity at the expiration of three years from the date hereof; and the other fourth part thereof in the same commodity at the expiration of four years from the date hereof.

The said Elisha Tyson proposes to appropriate a large part of the above one thousand pounds to the purchase of saltpetre and other materials from private hands in this and other Colonies; he also proposes the Province shall furnish him with one-half of the saltpetre imported into or manufactured in this Province; as also one-half of the sulphur that shall become their property.

He will engage to manufacture powder at as cheap a rate as it is in the Province of Pennsylvania, and in equal quantities, in proportion to the quantity of materials found him, for the use of the Province of Maryland. He will give bond, with good security, for the performance of the above propositions.


To the Honourable the Council of Safety of Maryland.

June 28, 1776.