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John Curieton, the Pilot


Thereupon, a Certificate was given to the said John Carleton, in the words following, to wit:

In Committee of Safety, New-York, February 10, 1776.

The case of John Carleton, as to his having piloted up the transport-ship, Kitty, has, at his own request, been heard by this Committee; and Benjamin Walker, of the city of New-York, merchant, who went down with him in his boat, was examined as a witness.

The Committee of Safety are of opinion that the said John Carleton was innocently brought into such a situation as to be necessarily obliged to pilot the transport-ship Kitty, with troops, and from any evidence that has appeared to us, the said John Carleton ought not to be injured, or considered in a worse light or esteem by the publick on that account.

Colonel Heard attended the Committee of Safety, and produced the several obligations of Samuel Clowes and George Weeks, with their securities, and of Charles McEvers,


for Gabriel G˙ Ludlow, Esq˙, inhabitants of Queen' s County, whose conduct has been conceived to be inimical to the liberties of the American Colonies, which were read and filed.