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New-York Committee to the Continental Congress



New-York, May 15, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We have this moment received by express from Albany, the within authentick intelligence of the fortress of Ticonderoga having been, surprised and taken by a detachment of Provincials from Connecticut and the Massachusetts-Bay . And as we do not conceive ourselves authorized to give any opinion upon a matter of such importance, we have thought proper to refer it to the Congress; and that the people of Albany may be acquainted with the sentiments of that Assembly as early as possible, their express, who is the bearer hereof, will carry any despatches the Congress may think proper to send on the occasion to the City of AIbany, by a short route from Philadelphia.

We have already wrote to the Committee of Albany in answer to their letters to us, referred to in the enclosed; but it seems our letters were not come to hand.

We are, gentlemen, with great respect, your obedient humble servants. By order of the Committee:

ISSAC LOW, Chairman.

The Honourable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, President of the Continental Congress.