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Meeting of Freeholders of York County, Pennsylvania



York, Pennsylvania, August 31,1775.

The Freeholders and other inhabitants of York County, entitled to vote for Representatives in Assembly, are hereby required to meet at the Court-House in York Town, on Tuesday, the seventeenth day of October next, to vote, by ballot or ticket, for sixty-one persons as a Committee for York County, to continue for the space of one year then next following, if from the change of publick affairs they may not think it expedient to dissolve themselves sooner. And as, from the dangers and necessities of the times, powers of the greatest magnitude may be exercised by those persons or their Delegates, it is expected that the meeting of the Freemen will be general, and that they will be judicious in the choice of the persons to represent them. Each Township is desired to choose an Inspector, to attend at the time and place aforesaid, who will be qualified agreeable to the rules of the election. Judges will be chosen, and the election conducted agreeable to the rules prescribed for the election of the present Committee.

By order of the Committee:

JAMES SMITH, Chairman,