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Proceedings of Commissioners Appointed to treat with the Six Nations of Indians



German Flats, Tuesday, August 15, 1775.

At a meeting with the Sachems and Warriours of the Six Nations, at this place, present: Volkert P˙ Douw, Esq˙, Turbutt Francis, Esquire, Commissioners. The following Speech was delivered by Colonel Francis:

"Brethren of the SIX NATIONS, attend!

"We acquainted you yesterday from whence we came, and by whose authority, namely, by the authority of the Twelve United Colonies, dwelling upon this Island of America. We acquainted you that we were two persons of five, appointed by the Twelve United Colonies now met in council at Philadelphia, to invite you down to Albany, where you may expect to meet our other three brethren appointed to act in conjunction with us. When we meet you, our brethren of the Six Nations, and your allies, at Albany, we will rekindle the council fire which our ancestors and yours formerly kindled up at that place, and there sit down and converse together upon the present situation of the Twelve United Colonies, and disclose to you their minds thereon. We have important matters to communicate to you, our brethren of the Six Nations, and your allies, which cannot be disclosed until the council fire be kindled up at Albany, and we are in full assembly.

Brethren: We observe that many of our brethren of the Six Nations are not here present; and as it is the wish of the Twelve United Colonies that there may be a general meeting of their brethren of the Six Nations, we, their Deputies, in their names, beg you will send to all these absent brethren of the Six Nations, and invite them to come down and sit at the council fire at Albany, that they may hear from us the sentiments of their brethren of the Twelve United Colonies.

"Brethren: We now inform you that your brethren of the Twelve United Colonies have sent you and your allies a token of their love and friendship, which is now at Albany, and which we shall deliver to you at that place. — (A string.)

"Brethren: As our friends and your allies the Caughnawagas, and the seven Towns upon the River St˙ Lawrence, live at a great distance, and have not yet had an invitation to come down to the council fire which we, the Deputies of the Twelve United Colonies, will kindle at Albany, we beg your assistance in forwarding an invitation to them, and wish you would immediately appoint four or six of your most active and sensible men, who may be relied on, to transact the great and important business which they will have in hand. — (A belt.)

"Brethren: As many mischievous and ill-disposed persons


may attempt to raise up in your minds sentiments that are unfriendly to your brethren of the Twelve United Colonies, we beg you will shut your ears and fortify your minds against any such evil and false reports; and if such liars and deceivers should appear among you, and attempt to poison your minds, be assured they are as much your enemies as the enemies of your brethren of the Twelve United Colonies, as their only view can be to break that chain that has long bound you and your brethren of the Twelve United Colonies together, and which is now going to be made stronger at Albany." — (A belt.)

To this, Kanaghquaesa, an Oneida Sachem, replied:

"Brother SOLIHOANY and our ALBANY Brother, Commissioners from the Twelve United Colonies:

"You have now opened your minds. We have heard your voices. Your speeches are far from being contemptible. But as the day is far spent, we defer a reply till tomorrow. As we are weary from having sat long in council, we think it time for a little drink; and you must remember that Twelve Colonies are a great body."