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Letter from the Committee of Southampton and Easthampton


Die Mercurii, 9 ho˙ A˙ M˙, September 13, 1775.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present:

John Haring, Esq˙, Chairman, and Commissioner for Orange County.

For NEW-YORK, Joseph Hallett, James Beekman, Isaac Sears, Isaac Roosevelt.

For ALBANY, Francis Nicoll.

For DUTCHESS, Gilbert Livingston.

For WESTCHESTER, William Paulding.

For ULSTER, Isaac Roosevelt.

For RICHMOND, Aaron Cortelyou.

For KING' S, Henry Williams.

For QUEEN' S, Nathaniel Tom.

For SUFFOLK, John Foster, John Sloss Hobart.

For TRYON, Isaac Sears.

For CUMBERLAND, William Williams.


A Letter from the Committee of Southampton and Easthampton, dated at Easthampton, on the 9th instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Easthampton, September 9, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Your favour of the 25th of August we duly received, and note the contents. We would cheerfully comply with your request in respect to raising two Companies of Minute-Men for the defence of the stock at Montauk, but we think it entirely out of our power, as we are but a small number of people here, and a considerable part of our strength is already gone in the service. We have called a meeting of the Joint Committee of South and Easthampton this day, and have voted to call our Militia together in the Second Battalion, in order to enlist a Company, if possible, to send directly off to Montauk, as it is at present without even a soldier to guard it; and we are fearful we shall not have sufficient ammunition amongst us to fix out one Company; and should General Gage' s Troops come upon us in this destitute condition, we shall be absolutely under the disagreeable necessity of complying with their terms. Therefore, gentlemen, we must beg the favour that we may have two Companies sent here as soon as possible. It is the opinion of General Wooster that we are in the most defenceless condition of any part of this Continent.

By order of the Committee: