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Goods Imported


There being imported in said Ship Hope, Capt˙ Curwin,


the following packages of Goods, viz: Six Bales for the 40th Regiment; two Bales for do˙; one Box for do˙, James Morrison; one Box for 45th Regiment, Captain Moore; two Boxes for do˙, Ensign Percy; one Valise for 44th Regiment; six Bales for 22d Regiment; one Chest and one Trunk for do˙, Win˙ Stapleton; one Chest, one Trunk, and one Portmanteau, for do˙, George Clighorn; one Box without mark or number; Baggage for Lieutenant Archibald French. Officers' Baggage: Two Trunks and one Valise for Major French; one Trunk, two Canteens, one Bed-Box, and one Hat-Case, for Ensign Rotton; two Trunks, one Bed-Box, one small Box, and one Valise, for Cadet McDermott; which Goods being for the use of the Army under the command of General Gage, and Baggage belonging to the Officers who came in said Ship,

It is Resolved, That the said Goods, brought from said Ship in one of the armed boats of this Province, shall be stored till this Committee shall receive directions from the Continental Congress for the disposal of the same, unless it may be thought necessary by this Committee, before the meeting of the said Congress, to remove or otherwise dispose of them; and that this Committee write to General Washington, informing him of the transactions of this Board relative to the said Officers and Goods.

Resolved, That Colonel Roberdeau desire Captain William Bradford to deliver the Baggage belonging to Major French, Ensign Ration, and Mr˙ McDermott, a Volunteer, when required.

Upon application of the Officers and Volunteer, now on their parole, that they should be furnished with a copy of the instruments of writing they signed, it was agreed to, and they were accordingly furnished with them.