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Accomack County (Virginia) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Accomack County, at the Court-House, the 27th of June, 1775:

SOUTHEY SIMPSON, Esquire, in the Chair

A complaint having been made, that James Arbuckle, a member of this Committee, had drawn a Map of the; Eastern Shore, and that the sea-coast was delineated there-in, so as to furnish information to vessels to explore our harbours; and that the same had been delivered to his Excellency the Governour for that purpose:

The said Arbuckle appeared voluntarily before the Committee, and acknowledged that he had drawn a draught or Map of the internal part of the Eastern Shore, but denied that he had illustrated any of the harbours, or marked any of the soundings or shoals; which he had delivered to Mr˙ Andrew Sprowle, of Gosport.

Sundry witnesses were then called in, and duly sworn, and by their testimony it appeared that the said Arbuckle had shewn the said Map publickly to many of the inhabitants of this County, before he parted with it; that he had drawn the same at the request of the Custom-House Officers, and, so far as relates to this County, from an old draught which he had made some years ago; and that the use the said officers told him they designed to make of it, was to excuse themselves to his Excellency the Governour from a suspicion of neglect in office. And it also appeared that there were none of the harbours laid down with such exactness, as to give any new insight to any persons to come into them; and it appeared that the Governour is in possession of the said Map. And it appearing farther, that the said James Arbuckle has, as well heretofore as before this Committee, expressed great uneasiness that he should have been so imprudent as to have done any thing to alarm his Country at this time:

Resolved unanimously, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the said James Arbuckle is not intentionally guilty of any offence against American liberty.

A complaint having also been made against John Sherlock, of this County, that he has expressed himself in such manner as to prove him an enemy to the liberties of this Country; and he being called upon to attend the Committee this day, refused, but wrote them an abusive and insulting letter,

Several witnesses were then called upon and sworn, and by their evidence, it appeared that he had at sundry different conversations, declared, in substance, "that such


people as oppose the Ministerial measures with America, are rebels; that he shall be employed hereafter in hanging them; and that if no hemp can be got, he has plenty of flax growing."

It is therefore unanimously Resolved, That we hold the said John Sherlock to be an enemy to American liberty; and that we are determined, immediately, to break off all dealings and intercourse will him, and with every person who shall have any connexion with him, until he shall make such proper acknowledgments, and show such genuine marks of repentance and reformation, as shall be satisfactory to a majority of this Committee.

Resolved, That these proceedings be immediately printed in the Virginia Gazette.