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Apr.19, Letter from Dr. Boyd to the President of Congress: Requests permission to resign



[Read April 22, 1776.]

Philadelphia, April 19, 1776.

SIR: The Congress did me the honour to appoint me Surgeon to the First Battalion of the Pennsylvania forces, in December last, and I did the duty of Surgeon; till the


whole, of the battalion had marched. I then accompanied the Colonel, and the last of the staff as far as New-York, intending to have gone on; but I was taken so ill, and found myself so unfit for service, in a cold climate, that it would have been impossible for me to proceed, and was forced to ask of Colonel De Haas liberty to give up the attempt; at the same time he wrote to Colonel McKean, informing him of my illness, and that the battalion would require some person in my place.

I think myself unable to undertake that duty in so inhospitable a climate, and request the favour of the honourable Congress to allow me to resign; at the same time, would gladly serve my country, and the cause of liberty, in such department as my health will permit, and shall esteem it a favour if the Congress appoint me Surgeon to one of the men-of-war, or any other service more consistent with my health.

I am, sir, with much respect, your most obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable John Hancock, Esq˙, President of the Continental Congress, at Philadelphia.