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The next Convention directed to meet in Richmond


Saturday, August 26,1775.

The Convention proceeded, by ballot, to appoint a place for the meeting of the next Convention; and the Members having prepared tickets, with the name of the place to be appointed for the purpose aforesaid, and put the same into the ballot-box, Mr˙ Carrington, Mr˙ Braxton, Mr˙ Stubblefield, and Mr˙ Cary, were appointed a Committee to examine the ballot-box, and to report on which place the majority falls; who retired, and, after some time, returned into Convention and reported that the numbers on the ballot appeared as follows:

For the Town of Richmond, 25
For the City of Williamsburgh, 22
For the Town of Fredericksburgh, 8

And the question being then put, whether the Town of Richmond, or the City of Williamsburgh, should be the place for holding the next Convention, a majority appeared in favour of the Town of Richmond.


Resolved, therefore, That the next meeting of this Convention be at the said Town of Richmond.