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Gallery of the House Cleared

Order of the Day


The order of the day then being called for, the House was silent for a few minutes, when Mr˙ Cornwall rose, and moved that the gallery be cleared. This occasioned a vehement debate.

Colonel Barré

Colonel Barré said, that if the motion was insisted on, the ladies would be obliged to withdraw.

Mr. C. Fox

Mr˙ C˙ Fox was of the same opinion.

Mr. Jenkinson

Mr˙ Jenkinson contended, if it was proper to shut the gallery on Friday, against strangers, it was much more so then.

Mr. T. Townshend

Mr˙ T˙ Townshend desired that the standing order might be read, which being complied with, he observed, that it contained no exceptions, for the order recited that all strangers should be taken into custody.

Mr. Grenville

Mr˙ Grenville remarked, that it was easily seen from what quarter the present motion originated, as he could perceive that applications had been making ever since the House met, for the purpose now intended to be carried into execution, though the authors did not choose to appear publicly in it themselves.

House Cleared

The majority of the House did not seem to approve of the motion, when it was first made; but the interference of the Speaker at length turned the scale, and not only the


gallery but all the rooms and avenues leading to it, were cleared about four o' clock.