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President of Congress to General Wooster



Philadelphia, October 19, 1775.

SIR: General Schuyler, having by letter informed the Congress, that he believed he should have no occasion to employ the troops under your command, I am desired by the Congress to direct that you immediately proceed, with the troops under your command, to the batteries erecting on the Highlands on North River, and there leave as many of your troops as, in the opinion of the conductor, will be necessary for expediting the completion of the works there; and that you repair with the remainder of the troops to New-York, and there continue until further orders from the Congress. But in case you should have any orders from General Schuyler previous to the receipt of this, to join the Army under his command, or in any way to be aiding to his expedition, you are wholly to conform yourself to his directions, the above orders of Congress notwithstanding. I am, &˙c˙,

JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To Brigadier-General Wooster, at Albany.