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William Watson to General Washington



Plymouth, November 3, 1775.

SIR: I have just this moment received intelligence of the shipwreck of a vessel, bound to Boston, from Philadelphia, at Eastham, inside of our bay, laden with one hundred and twenty pipes of wine, and that the wine is all saved excepting two pipes, stove in landing it. Your Excellency will please to order in what manner this wine shall be disposed of; whether it shall be sent to Head-Quarters, or whether it shall remain where it is.

I would acquaint your Excellency that the Schooner Harrison has been some time ready to sail, but bad weather hinders; and that the Schooner Lee, Captain Manly, is now


in this port, who, with the Harrison, Captain Coit, will sail the first wind. Captain Martindale would have been ready by this, had not the rains and some impediments respecting cannon intervened.

I have the honour to be your Excellency' s most obliged humble servant, WILLIAM WATSON.

To his Excellency General Washington, Esq.