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General Orders


One man a Company, to be appointed a Camp-Colourman from every Company in every Regiment in the Army, whose particular duty it must be to attend the Quartermaster and Quartermaster-Sergeant, to sweep the streets of their respective encampments; to fill up the old necessary houses, and dig new ones; to bury all offal, filth, and nastiness, that may poison or infect the health of the Troops;


and the Quartermasters are to be answerable to their Commanding Officers for a strict observance of this Order; and by persevering in the constant and unremitted execution thereof, remove that odious reputation which (with but too much reason) has stigmatized the character of American Troops. The Colonels and Commanding Officers of Regiments are to be answerable to the General for all due obedience to this Order.

The General, finding it is not uncustomary for Officers to take the liberty of absenting themselves from Camp without leave, and going home: For the future, any Officer found guilty of so glaring an offence against all order and discipline, and setting so bad an example to the Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers under their command, such Officer or Officers so offending, may depend upon being punished with the utmost severity.

Lest the late successes against the enemy should occasion any relaxation in the alertness of the Troops, the General recommends it in the strongest manner to all the Officers and Soldiers of the Continental Army, to be the more vigilant in their duty, and watchful of the enemy, as they certainly will take every advantage of any supineness on our part.