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Minutes and Proceedings of the Committee of Safety


The Congress then proceeded to hear the Minutes and Proceedings of the present-Committee of Safety, from the beginning, on the 3d of January last. On reading the Petition of George Coffin, mentioned in the Minutes of the Committee of Safely on the 4th day of January, and by the Minutes of the said Committee recommended to this Congress — the said Petition was read and heard. The Congress taking his case into consideration —

[The following memorandum is in pencil mark:]

"The rough notes say George Coffin to be pardoned on publishing his Petition and Pardon."

On reading the Resolutions of the Committee of Safety on the 6th day of January, relating to the fortifying of some Inlets in Suffolk County,

Ordered, That any further prosecution of that measure be left wholly with the Committee of Safety.

On reading the Letter from the Delegates of this Colony


on the subject of the inroads from Connecticut, ordered on the llth day of January, instant:

Ordered, That a Letter be wrote to the Delegates of this Colony, informing them, the Governour and Representatives of the Colony of Connecticut have not yet given any answer to the Letter from this Provincial Congress on that subject, nor returned nor made any restitution for the types or property taken away from James Rivington.

On reading the Order of the Committee of Safety of the llth) January, for the distribution of Gunpowder gratis in half pounds; the Congress, on being informed that it principally remains to be carried into execution, if proper, is of opinion that it is not proper, and orders that it be not carried into execution for the present, unless in case of invasion.