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Account of the Expenses for transporting Powder


Wednesday, January 3, 1776,

Convention met. All Members present, as on yesterday, except Mr˙ Sluby and Mr˙ Sudler. The Proceedings


of yesterday were read. Mr˙ Nicholson, Mr˙ Murray, and Mr˙ Hall, have leave of absence.

An account of the expenses for transporting Powder from Fredericktown to Baltimore town, being read,

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western Shore pay to the Committee of Observation for the Middle District of Frederick County, or their order, out of the bills of credit in his hands, twenty-three Pounds, nineteen Shillings, common money, being the expense of transporting the same.

Ordered, That the Clerk make out and transmit a copy of the above Resolution to the Committee of Observation for the Middle District of Frederick County.

On application of Colonel Harrison, of Virginia, to this Convention, to furnish Colonel Simpson, of Accomack County, with two hundred pounds of Gunpowder,

Ordered, That the Committees of Observation for Worcester and Somerset Counties do, each of them, immediately, send one hundred weight to Colonel Simpson.

The Convention proceeded to the election of Officers.

Mr˙ Gabriel Duvall was elected by ballot Mustermaster and Commissary of Stores; Mr˙ Peter Mantz, Quartermaster, Mr˙ Charles Wallace, Paymaster.

Mr˙ Nathaniel Smith, Captain of the Matrosses, at Baltimore town; Mr˙ William Woolsey, First Lieutenant; Mr˙ Alexander Furnival, Second Lieutenant.

Mr˙ Beall has leave of absence.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Post Meridiem. —Convention met. Mr˙ Thos. Wright, a Member for Queen Anne' s County, appeared, and took his seat in the House. Mr˙ Handy and Mr˙ Waters appeared in the House.

Mr˙ George Keepott was appointed Third Lieutenant of Captain Smith' s Company of Matrosses.