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Albany (New-York) Committee



Albany Committee Chamber, October 30, 1775.

The Committee, agreeable to a Resolve of the 26th instant, took into consideration the Resolution of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, relative to choosing twelve Deputies to represent this County in Provincial Congress, on the 14th day of November next. And thereupon, and in consequence of an explanatory letter from the Deputies of this County:

Resolved, That an election be held in every District in this County, for the purpose aforesaid; and that the Committees of said Districts hold the election, and make a return of the poll on the 10th day of November next, to this Committee.

And further Resolved, That the said election be held on the 7th November next, at the usual places of elections for annual officers; and that the respective District Committees, by advertisement, give previous notice to the Freeholders, of the time and place of such election.

Resolved, That this Committee shall be dissolved on the 21st day of December next; and that there be an election held in every District of this County, on the 7th day of November next, for Committees to represent the County from the said 21st day of December next, until the fourth Tuesday in May next, unless a reconciliation between Great Britain and America shall sooner take place. That the District of Kinderhook shall have four Members.