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Committee of Portsmouth, N. H. to the Committee of Newburyport



Portsmouth, May 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We had two provision vessels seized at the mouth of our harbour the last night, by the Scarborough, and upon application to Captain Barclay for their release, find he has positive orders from the Admiral to take possession of all vessels laden with provisions, salt, or molasses, and send them to Boston, and says further, those orders are circular through the Continent.

We give this earliest intelligence for your government, and also inform you that the Canceaux, a small ship, of six or eight guns, sails the first wind, to convoy the two vessels already seized to Boston, and are sorry to find ourselves unable to prevent it, as we have our harbour blocked up by a twenty-gun ship, and have no vessel of force able to retake them. One reason of our mentioning this circumstance, and sending an express this night with it, is, because we have just heard that you have an armed vessel in your port. We have ordered two small vessels to cruise off and on, and, if possible, give this intelligence to all vessels bound to this or any other port, and trust you will do the same. Your most obedient servants, By order of the Committee:

H˙ WENTWORTH, Chairman.

To the Committee of Correspondence of Newburyport.