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Philadelphia Committee



Philadelphia, June 7, 1775.

The Committee last evening having requested as many members as conveniently could to meet this day at the Coffee-House, to inquire concerning an information given, that Captain Robert Torrans had imported and sold Irish Linens some time about the first of May last, in direct violation of the Association of the Congress:

Mr˙ Blair McClenaghan, in whose vessel Captain Torrans sailed, gave the following affidavit, made by the Captain:

"On the fifth day of June, 1775, before the subscribing Justice, cometh Robert Torrans, Master of the Ship Duke of York, lately arrived at the City of Philadelphia, and maketh oath on the Holy Gospels, and saith, that Mr˙ Blair McClenaghan, of said City, merchant, was not privy to, nor interested in any goods or merchandise lately imported in said vessel from Ireland; and that Blair McClenaghan aforesaid was not privy to, nor aiding or assisting, nor consenting to the sale, landing, or putting on shore at Philadelphia or elsewhere in America, said goods or merchandise so imported.


"Taken and sworn before me: GEORGE BRYAN."

Resolved, That Mr˙ McClenaghan appears to this Committee to be liable to no censure or suspicion with regard to the importation, landing, or sale of goods in said vessel, and that he has done his duty in discharging Captain Torrans from his employ.

Resolved, That Messrs Harbison and Dean call at Captain Torrans' s lodgings, and inquire if he is in Town, and request his attendance immediately.

3˙ Messrs˙ Harbison and Dean report, that Captain Torrans has not been at his lodgings since yesterday morning.

Resolve, That as Captain Torrans cannot now be found, the consideration of his conduct, and further proceeding of the Committee thereon, be deferred to next meeting of the Committee.