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Letter from Joseph Hallett to John McKesson



Newark, January 3, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I, this afternoon, received your favour of the 30th December. I should immediately comply with the request of the gentlemen of the Committee, notwithstanding the circumstances of my family makes it exceedingly difficult for me to leave them, was I well. I have kept house upwards of three weeks, and, at this time, I arn not able to wear my shoes. Was I in town, I could not probably attend the Committee. It gives me pain to hear there is so much difficulty in getting a quorum, to do business, in Congress and Committee of Safety.

My account of the flour, shipped for the use of the Continental


Army, is made out. I should have delivered it when I was last in town, with the account of the cargo and disbursements of the sloop Bishop of Landaff, but was not able to get in all the bills of the latter. I have ordered my clerk, Mr˙ John Lawrence, to deliver the account of the flour to Colonel McDougall, or to you. As soon as I am able, I intend to be with you,

I am your obedient, humble servant,

To John McKesson, Esq.