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Petition of the Presbytery of Hanover


A Petition of the Presbytery of Hanover, in behalf of themselves and all the Presbyterians in Virginia, and of all Protestant Dissenters elsewhere, was presented to the House and read; setting forth, that in or about the year 1738 many thousand Presbyterian families, relying upon the assurances, of Government that they should enjoy the free exercise of their religion, removed from the Northern Colonies and settled in the Frontiers of this, forming a barrier for the lower parts thereof; and taking notice of a bill for granting a toleration to His Majesty' s dissenting Protestant Subjects, which, in the year 1772, was presented to the House, and afterwards ordered to be printed; and pointing out several objections thereunto; and praying that no bill may pass into a law but such as will secure to the Petitioner equal liberties and advantages with their fellow-subjects.

Ordered, That the said Petition do lie upon the table.