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Message from the Governour


Tuesday, January 31, 1775.

A Message from his Excellency, by the Deputy Secretary, which was read, and is as follows:

GENTLEMEN: I send you the Barrack-master' s Accounts of Expenses incurred for the repair of the Barracks and supply of the King' s Troops, including furniture, bedding, &˙C˙, from June, 1773, to December, 1774, by which you will see in what manner the money has been expended, winch I was authorized by law to draw out of the Treasury for that service. There is a balance remaining in my hands of about thirty-four Pounds, eight Shillings and six Pence, Proclamation Money.

As the House had some objections last session to the charge in Colonel Robertson' s Account for Sheets furnished the King' s Troops, I directed the Barrack-master not to pay that article of the Account, and to acquaint the Colonel with the occasion. I now lay before you a letter from the Colonel on that head, which appears to me to contain so many just reasons why the charge ought to be allowed by the Province, that cannot but recommend it to your particular consideration,


January 30, 1775.

The Secretary also laid before the House the Accounts mentioned in the Message.

Ordered, that his Excellency' s Message have a second reading.

The draught of an Address to his Excellency was read the second time.

Ordered, That the same be referred to a Committee of the Whole House;

Whereupon, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole House on the Address to his Excellency; and after some time spent therein, Mr˙ Speaker resumed the Chair, and Mr˙ Fisher, Chairman of the Committee, reported that the Committee had gone through the Address to his Excellency, and had made several amendments thereto, which he was ready to report whenever the House would please to receive the, same.

Ordered, That the Report be made immediately.

Whereupon, Mr˙ Fisher reported the Address with several amendments; and the same being read,

Ordered unanimously, That the said Address be engrossed.