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Governour Trumbull to General Schuyler



Hartford, July 6, 1775.

SIR: I received your favour of the thirtieth of June, enclosing a copy of the resolution of the honourable Continental Congress, and immediately laid them before the General Assembly of the Colony. They would have been happy to have found themselves in a situation to have complied fully with the request you were charged with to them; but such is the exhausted state of our Treasury, in consequence of the very vigorous efforts they have made, and are daily making in the common cause, that it was impossible for them, consistent to their previous engagements, to furnish you with more than fifteen thousand; and even this sum cannot be spared immediately, but shall be got ready and forwarded, as you shall direct, with all possible despatch, and I hope will be at Mr˙ Livingston' s within ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ days at farthest. Our inability, with concurrence acknowledge, with respect to the other most important article is still greater. All that we can do is to deliver to Captain Douglass forty half-barrels, which he will immediately proceed with agreeable to your order. Our Engineer (Col˙ Mott) at Ticonderoga, has requested that a commander for one of the armed vessels upon Lake George, may be sent up from this Colony — a Captain Niles, with whom he is acquainted, and who is probably well qualified for the office. But as you can best judge of the nature of this service, and the necessity of sending up this person, you will give me leave to expect your directions upon this project, which I shall very readily conform to. I enclose you copy of a paper of intelligence I have received from Mr˙ Deanc, which may perhaps be of some use to you.

I am, &c.


N˙ B. Mr˙ Deane requests that this intelligence may not be made publick.