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The Governour having received intelligence that a large Army of foreign Troops



Monday, May 6, 1776.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety at Lebanon:

Present: His Honour the Governour, Eliphalet Dyar,


Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, and Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

Whereas His Honour the Governour has just received intelligence from the Committee of the honourable General Assembly of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, that a large Army of foreign troops, hired by the Ministry and powers of Great Britain, to lay waste and destroy this country, are in fact on their passage to execute their bloody orders, and, in all probability, near our coasts, and may be daily expected, which renders it necessary that every possible preparation should be made for our own defence:

It is therefore resolved and ordered by this Board, That the men lately ordered to be inlisted or detached out of the First Regiment, and other Regiments east of Connecticut River, be immediately furnished and completely equipped, armed and accoutred, according to the orders given for their being raised, and that they be fitted for an immediate march on any emergency. And in order to that, the Colonels, or commanding officers for the time being of the aforesaid Regiments, are required, without any delay, to direct the Captains, or chief officers appointed to command the several Companies of said Minute-men, forthwith to call their said Companies together, (who are also required to yield obedience to the orders of said officers, on penalty of the law;) and said Captains and officers are carefully to examine into the equipments of their said Companies, and diligently attend to and see that they be forthwith furnished as aforesaid; and where arms and ball cannot be otherwise obtained, they shall be furnished out of the town stocks, so far as may be, and arms impressed, if need be, from such householders, or others who shall appear to be least able and likely to make use of such arms, &c˙, themselves, to supply such as cannot be otherwise furnished; and any civil authority are to give out such impresses, on request of such Captain and other officers. And every non-commissioned officer and soldier, who shall appear to be completely equipped with every requisite, or shall be so equipped in a reasonable short time, to the, acceptance of such Captain, shall be entitled to a reward of one dollar, and in proportion for the value of such articles as they shall furnish themselves; and all such officers and soldiers shall be allowed a reasonable reward for the use of such arms, ammunition, blankets, and knapsacks, as they shall provide for themselves, if called to be used in actual service; and shall also he allowed for the time necessarily spent in meeting together, according to the direction and for the purposes of this resolve, at the same rate of wages and support as the Continental Army, and if called into actual service, to be upon the same pay and allowance from their march, as the troops in said Army. And all arms and accoutrements impressed, found, or provided for any of said Companies, shall be taken care of and returned to the owners, and a reasonable allowance made for their use; and the Captains are directed to take care of the same accordingly; and if lost by inevitable providence, the value to be paid.

And it is further provided, That if it shall be found necessary, such Captain, or chief officer, may order said Companies, or any part of them, to meet as often as necessary, in order to their being equipped as aforesaid; and all arms and ammunition of such Companies shall be deposited in some proper nearly central place of such Company, by the direction of the Captain of the same, to be also a place of rendezvous for such Company, if and when called to actual service. And the said Captains are to make return of the rolls and the state of said Companies, with all their doings in the premises, forthwith, to his Honour the Governour.

And whereas it is expected that the honourable General Assembly will find it expedient to make further provision of a similar kind, with respect to drafting or inlisting Minute-men for publick service, the aforesaid Companies may expect such limitation of time for holding themselves in readiness as aforesaid, and such allowance therefor, as the said Assembly shall see fit.