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Embargo Laid on all Provisions Going out of the Colony


This Assembly do Vote and Resolve, That an embargo be set on all Provisions going out of this Colony, excepting what shall be necessary for victualling vessels sailing out of this Colony, and for the use of the Army; and that this Act be in force immediately.

It is Voted and Resolved, That all business lying before this Assembly unfinished, be, and the same is hereby referred to the next session; that the Secretary publish the publick Acts and Orders made and passed at the last and present session, by beat of drum, in the Town of Providence, within ten days after the rising of this Assembly, and within thirty, send copies thereof to the Sheriff of each County in the Colony, by him to be transmitted to the several Town Clerks in the County; and that this Assembly be, and hereby is adjourned until the second Monday in June next, then to meet in East-Greenwich.

GOD save the KING.

Published according to order, on Wednesday, the 17th day of May, A˙ D˙ 1775, by

HENRY WARD, Secretary.