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Committee for Charles County


At a meeting of the Committee for Charles County, on Wednesday, the 27th of September, William Smallwood, Esq˙, in the Chair, and John Quinn Clerk, Messrs˙ William Smallwood, Francis Ware, Josias Hawkins, George Dent Samuel Hanson, Jun˙, John Dent, and Warren Dent, were chosen, by ballot, to license suits in this County, agreeable to an order of the late Convention; and Messrs˙ Robert T˙ Hooe, Daniel Jenifer, John H˙ Stone, Walter H˙ Jenifer, and Zephaniah Turner, were chosen a Committee of Correspondence.

At the same time, the Committee appointed Messrs˙ Robert T˙ Hooe, Samuel Love, and Samuel Hanson, to receive gifts and contributions, agreeable to a Resolve of the Provincial Convention,

Resolved, That this Committee unanimously accord to the Resolutions of the late Provincial Convention, held at Annapolis the 26th day of July last, and will, so far forth as lies in their power, carry the same into execution.

Whereas vast numbers of executions have issued, and may continue to issue, oil judgments obtained against many of the inhabitants of this County, to the great vexation of some and ruin of others, who have it not in their power to pay their just debts at this time of general stoppage to our trade, when their effects would not command money at half value, were they offered at publick or private sale; and as much distress, disorder, and ruin, may happen before the Provincial Convention can have the particular situation of this County under their consideration, and grant relief, we think it our duty, in the mean time, to apply such remedies, for the ease and quiet of the people, as seem to us most just and reasonable: Therefore,

Resolved, That where executions are already served, and the debtors cannot pay the debt or supersede, of which the Committee for licensing suits shall judge, the debtor ought then to offer the creditor the best security in his power, before the aforesaid Committee, which if the creditor unreasonaably refuse, they are then to direct the Sheriff of the County to enlarge the debtor, at the risk of the creditor.

That the Committee for licensing suits immediately give notice to the sheriff, to return all such executions as he has not already served, to the creditors or persons who put them into his hands, and desire them to order a return of countermand thereon, unless they can show cause to the said Committee why, without oppression, they may be served.

That it be recommended to the Clerk of this County, to deliver no execution on any judgment already obtained, without leave of the Committee aforesaid; that if any execution, on judgment obtained in the Provincial Court, should hereafter come to the hands of the Sheriff, he is hereby desired not to serve the same, but give notice to the creditor or creditors, or person or persons, who put the same info his hands, to countermand, or appear, as aforesaid, and show cause why, without oppression, such execution may be served.

Signed by order