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Committee to consider the Victualling of the Army


Michael Farley, Esq˙, brought down the Petition of Mr˙ Charles Miller, with the following order thereon, viz:

"In Council, August 1, 1775: Read and concurred, as taken into a new Draught."

The new Draught was at the same time brought down by Colonel Farley. Read and accepted, and is as follows, viz:

"On the Petition of Charles Miller, Deputy Commissary-General for the Forces of the Colony aforesaid, representing that there is a quantity of Provisions, both of Bread and Meat, damaged by the weather, so as to be unfit for the Army, and praying directions in that behalf:

"Resolved, That all damaged Provisions, after they are condemned as unfit for use, by a Committee regularly appointed, shall, by the Commissary, be sold at publick auction, after he shall have given suitable notice of the time and place of the sale thereof; and the proceeds of such sale shall be by said Commissary paid to the Receiver-General of this Colony, taking his receipt for the same; and that the Petitioner be served with a copy of this Resolve by the Secretary."