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Information received in London


London, April 11, 1775.

Assistance to the Americans is rising from a new quarter. The following information may be depended upon: a Ship sailed from Stettin last month, loaded with Small Fire-Arms, Gunpowder, Ball, and Accoutrements, thirty Field-pieces of a light construction, and eight General Officers, who have served long in Germany; three of them are Messrs˙ Robeveils, Larafont, and Gurgenstein. The arms and ammunition are actually paid for by an American agent at Berlin, who went thither, from Paris; but what the footing is upon which the Officers go, is only conjectured. They are Lutherans, and certainly do not go upon mere hope of preferment. This must be a scheme of the Prussian Monarch' s for disconcerting the Court of London, with whom he is upon the worst terms.