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Governour Trumbull to General Washington



Lebanon, August 12, 1775.

SIR: Since my letter of yesterday, desiring an allowance to retain at Hartford such quantity of powder as you


shall judge expedient out of the next that comes, I have received a letter from the Honourable Henry Middleton and Edward Rutledge, dated Hartford, August 11, 1775, informing that a company of riflemen, with eight wagon loads of powder, have come into that town, and the article of which they have the charge would be absolutely necessary at New-York, in case an attack should be made upon that Colony; suggesting the propriety of sending off an express to you, informing of their situation, and to obtain an order to stay the riflemen and detain the powder there, as most likely to be conducive to the publick safety. All circumstances considered, I have directed two wagons of powder to be detained till your Excellency' s orders are received — the riflemen to proceed with the other six. You will soon have the pleasure to see those two gentlemen at camp.

I am, with great truth and regard, Sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,


His Excellency General Washington.