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Letter to the Continental Congress


In Provincial Congress, New Jersey, New Brunswick, February 10, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Sensible of the importance that the battalions raised in this Province should be as speedily as possible furnished with arms, we collected, for the supply of the First and Second Battalions, all the arms fit for service that could be obtained in this Province; we have, therefore, no resource of providing arms for the Third Battalion, but


from our own manufactories or importation. How soon they can be manufactured is uncertain, and we have no present prospect of receiving them from abroad. But, being informed that two thousand stand have been lately imported, and that they are within your disposal, we should be glad that part of them may be ordered for the use of the Third Battalion, unless some more immediate publick service calls for them.

We beg leave to propose, whether it would not be advisable to clothe the battalions, now raising, in uniform, deducting the expense attending it out of the men' s wages.

We are informed that considerable quantities of powder are lately arrived; and it being probable that the assistance of the Militia of this Province may be speedily wanted for the defence of this or a neighbouring Colony, we request the favour of your assistance in supplying us with ten tons of gunpowder, and twenty tons of lead, or as much as may be spared.

On a requisition from Lord Stirling, the Committee of Elizabethtown have furnished him with six thousand cartridges, Somerset County four quarter-casks of powder, Woodbridge a considerable quantity, and Brunswick one hundred and fifty weight of lead.

Our Militia are very illy supplied with ammunition.

Those who have granted the above supplies are, therefore, very desirous that they may be immediately replaced.

Adjourned till nine o' clock, Monday morning.