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Assembly Adjourned to the 12th of June next


The Deputy Secretary came from the Board and said it was his Excellency' s pleasure to adjourn the General


Assembly to Monday, the 12th day of June next, and accordingly, in His Majesty' s name, adjourned the General Assembly to that time, and delivered to the Speaker the following written Message from his Excellency:

Mr˙ Speaker and Gentlemen of the Assembly:

In consequence of your representation to me, in answer to my Message of this day' s date, that it will be expedient for you, as well for the accommodation of your own private affairs as to give an opportunity of consulting your constituents on the matters necessary to be considered by you in the present session, that the House should be, adjourned for a short time, I have thought fit to adjourn the General Assembly, and it is accordingly adjourned to Monday, the 12th day of June next, at ten o' clock in the morning, then to meet at the State-House in Portsmouth for the despatch of the publick business.


New-Hampshire Council Chamber,

May 6, 1775.